December 28, 2013

Shoes with crochet flower n button

DIY project
Actually this shoes have a buckle but its missing somewhere on left side and i replace it with crochet flower and button. You cant find this in shopping mall.. hehehehe  and it make my shoes different from others and no need to buy new shoes..

December 25, 2013

colourful flower crochet

Love the colourful of yarn for flower crochet. It should be my cushion cover but i decide to be my crochet bag.. hehehe. Now, need to lining n looking for the handle.

December 24, 2013

lovely button

Lovely button for next project where i bought from craft shop 

 Strawberry button

Mickey n minnie button


Mixed design

my 1st wreath for home deco

November 26, 2013

bunga2an utk hiasan

Dah lama siap sebenarnya tp simpan, ingat nak buat beg tp masa jln2 di ikea npk frame ni terus teringat nak framekan crochet ni.. sakit gak tgn nak tarik n bg dia kemas. At last, blh pun.. suka2

Glass jar with crochet flower for friend baby shower

November 16, 2013

my new crochet book

 I bought this book from warehouse sale from popular bookshop at viva mall. Both book only cost me myr21.00. Oww.. i grab it before regret.. hahaha..

November 05, 2013


my crochet cover for note3. I saw this pattern in web and try to make it 2 pcs and sew it. Now, am planning to do more with variant colour... eheheheh

September 30, 2013

Mari Membuat Yo Yo

Mari Membuat Yo Yo
Jenama Clover yg diyakini di pasaran.... eheheheh
Beli mould ni dah lama dari kedai favourite. Saje beli size mould yg besar supaya senang nak jahit and npk besar... ehehehehe.. buat yoyo dgn mould nie mmg senang and cepat compare guna cara konvensional mcm org dulu2. Saya guna kain perca especially kain cotton sebab npk kemas n cantik.
 Langkah 1
Masukkan kain ke dalam mould. Mould ni ada 2 keeping, cara2 ada ditunjukkan..

Langkah 2
Trim lebihan kain n tinggalkan dlm 1/2 cm utk di jahit. Mould ni ada lubang untuk kita masukkan benang n jahit disekeliling mould.

Langkah 3
Proses menjahit sekeliling mould

Langkah 4
View dari pandangan belakang dimana lubang untuk menjahit akan kelihatan. Amat mudah sekali..

Langkah 5
Bila dah siap jahit keliling tu, boleh tanggalkan dari mould n kemudia tarik benang hingga fabric akan jadi seperti pic di bawah..

Langkah 6
Fabric yg telah ditarik benang akan jadi seperti nie... cantik kan..

 Langkah 7
Matikan jahitan di tengah2 supaya tak terbukak

 Langkah 8
Ta daaaaaaa....... ni la hasilnya.. Yoyo yg telah siap

September 11, 2013


Am using cotton fabric with strawberry motif. i saw this pattern in internet and try to make it. finally it's done and i can use it to keep my stuff..


July 26, 2013

my pineapple doily crochet

my doily crochet using cream yarn..

I love green and make pineapple crochet using green yarn. hopefully can complete it before Raya festive. heheehehehe

July 01, 2013

New Crochet Book

 I bought this 2 book from Kinokuniya Bookstore at KLCC last weekend. Even I can't read Chinese, I still want to have this book. The diagram pattern make us easier to understand and follow each steps. For Lace crochet best pattern 238 book, you can find a lot of pattern of lace crochet, flower etc. Below picture is one of the sample lace crochet. 

Lace crochet suitable for bed sheet, pillow case or anything where we can combine and sew with fabric.

crochet for my curtain clip

Flower crochet with bead for my curtain. 3 pcs flower crochet sew with white bead and leaf. 

May 21, 2013

Crochet Hand Flower

Red Crochet Hand Flower With Ribbon
This hand flower special for my friend wedding on February 2013. Thank acik oren..
Red colour as per acik request for her wedding..

April 04, 2013

Plastic Headband With Crochet Flower

Plastic headband with various colour. Crochet flower with bead. Price is MYR5.50 per pcs not include postage.

April 03, 2013

Headband For Qistina

purple + pink heandband for baby shower
look so cute....
thanks fizah...

my crochet for drinking bottle

purple yarn crochet request from my colleague for her sister. make a different layer with different colour.. hope she like it....

February 27, 2013

Pouch Crochet Bag With flower

 Actually, this pouch bag still in progress due to i need to sew fabric inside the pouch and put a zip. Will update it when its done. But, i can't wait and publish in my blog...ehehehehe
This pouch bag i made it for my colleague and she request black pouch with red flower. So, i sew red flower and pink flower with bead. Hopefully she like it very much.. I enjoy doing crocheting and really appreciate to all my frenz who support my hobbies and they also being my customer.

Rose Hair Clip

Rose Hair Clip


February 05, 2013

Hair Clip with button

Various Colour hair clip with button. Only RM3.50 per pair or RM2.00 per pcs.
Price not include postage

Red Colour Clip

January 03, 2013

Flower Hair Clip

Hair Clip with Bed
Rm2.50per pcs