January 16, 2012

red velvet cake

red velvet slice... so yummy...

i bought this cake from my friend (rabiah), when i saw in her Facebook about all cake she make it, i really want it... am a cake lover and enjoy eating cake so much...heehehe... thanks rabiah

January 15, 2012

crochet flower in basket

i make this crochet flower purposely for my tote bag, but when its done i would like to frame it and hang into my wall. eemmmm.....

crochet basket i sew to plain fabric

try to arrange all crochet flower before sewing it.

finally, its done.... yeahh.....

January 06, 2012

Yellow Hat With Red Flower

yellow hat using 100% arcylic yarn, suitable for kid age 2 to 5 year

January 03, 2012

small pouch with flower

Yellow no. 57

Red no. 80

Peach no. 78

Mixed brown no. 28 & 71

Pink no.10


Crochet small pouch with zip & flower as additional accessories. Size is 4" x 5". Price is RM15 not include postage. Others color also available such as blue, cream, purple, white etc.