December 08, 2011


multi purpose pouch coz its can be pencil case, make up pouch or handphone pouch
pouch size is 8" x 4"

lining with fabric

Amigurumi - Butterfly

my 1st amigurumi crochet ( created by me )
combination color of yellow + blue + brown = butterfly....
am using acrylic yarn

December 04, 2011

patchwork bag

my patchwork bag....

material i used is :-

cotton fabric


lining cotton

lining with pocket inside.

December 01, 2011

Purple Beanie

thanks sara for wearing beanie even you said like waitress la auntie... heheehe

November 20, 2011

cream hat with red flower

Cream Hat with Red Flower
Sold to rene

November 17, 2011

scissor pouch... keep safe


what i need to make this coaster is cotton fabric (floral & polka dot), batting & ribbon. Size is 4" x 4".

granny square & circle red flower

granny square....

circle red crochet...

November 16, 2011

Blue Hat With Flower

Blue hat with flower request by my frenz for her daughter...

November 14, 2011

my 1st Patchwork

I love sewing so much... make me enjoy my day & release my stress.. am trying to do patchwork and tadaaaaaa... am using mixed cotton fabric to make this patchwork and cut to 3.5cm x 10cm for each color. sew it and be like this, still in progress and will complete it soonn....

November 01, 2011

Birthday gift

Birthday gift from my close friend on my birthday.... thanks a lot rene..

alas bangku kopitiam

alas bangku ni kawan i yg minta buatkan, i guna corak floral and setiap bucu ada tali utk ikat pd kaki bangku.

tissue box

crochet tissue box with 2 combination color

beige summer hat wit flower for adult..

October 31, 2011

Pencil case with lining and zip request by frenz.

September 15, 2011

Red Tissue Box

Red tissue box as request by my frenz who love red color so much i guess... Red mean pretty & brave for me.. This is my own design and i draw the diagram patern for my future reference.

August 18, 2011


Size 10" x 11.5", can use both side, washable. Made from cotton fabric.
RM15.00 per pcs

Blue square with polka dot


Polka Dot Green

Girly Style


Pink Strawberry with green polka dot

Size 10" x 11.5", Pink Strawberry with green polka dot

Blue with Polka Dot

Size 10" x 11.5", Blue with green polkadot

Strawberry Bag

Size 10" x 11.5", Fabric cotton, Can use both side.

Ketuhar Butterfly

Bila tengok pic ni aku teringat aku pun ada satu ketuhar nie kat rumah, beli masa tu teringin nak wat kek marble. Masih simpan n leh guna lagi... Masa kecik2 dulu mak guna oven nie la wat kuih raya dan kek... letak atas dapur gas. Sebelum guna dapur gas, pakai dapur minyak tanah.. sekrang dah takde org pakai lagi.. rasanya org sekrg pun tak reti pakai dah.. Bila raya teringat oven nie la yg berjasa wat biskut n kek... sekrg org sumer pakai oven letrik..

August 10, 2011

Dwi Color Bag

Beg nie aku wat dwi color, hijau epal polka dot and pink.. aku mmg suka polka dot, npk mcm klasik and menarik sekali.. size beg nie dlm 10" x 11.5" boleh isi telekung, botol air n tupperware utk bekal lunch or breakfast.. Yg penting dia dari fabrik cotton yg boleh di basuh n tahan lasak.

tissue box

This crochet tissue box size 4.5" x 4.5"

August 06, 2011

Strawberry Bag for Sara

I make this bag to my lovely niece, Sara for her 5th birthday.. Hope she will like it.. And currently i also make others with different color and patern, will upload soon.. Size for this bag is 10"x11.5" with lining inside.

July 12, 2011

pad holder

suitable for girl things.... can put panty liner or pad in handbag

July 11, 2011

multi purpose pouch crochet....

i make this pouch not only to keep coin but also suitable for key, ic etc especially when u going for lunch so no need to bring ur wallet... Size is 3" x 5" with zip.. If interested can email me for details.

Dark Red