November 20, 2011

cream hat with red flower

Cream Hat with Red Flower
Sold to rene

November 17, 2011

scissor pouch... keep safe


what i need to make this coaster is cotton fabric (floral & polka dot), batting & ribbon. Size is 4" x 4".

granny square & circle red flower

granny square....

circle red crochet...

November 16, 2011

Blue Hat With Flower

Blue hat with flower request by my frenz for her daughter...

November 14, 2011

my 1st Patchwork

I love sewing so much... make me enjoy my day & release my stress.. am trying to do patchwork and tadaaaaaa... am using mixed cotton fabric to make this patchwork and cut to 3.5cm x 10cm for each color. sew it and be like this, still in progress and will complete it soonn....

November 01, 2011

Birthday gift

Birthday gift from my close friend on my birthday.... thanks a lot rene..

alas bangku kopitiam

alas bangku ni kawan i yg minta buatkan, i guna corak floral and setiap bucu ada tali utk ikat pd kaki bangku.

tissue box

crochet tissue box with 2 combination color

beige summer hat wit flower for adult..